Food and Meals

Continental Breakfast – € 4,00

Our breakfast on the farm takes place between 8 and 10 am and is a traditional Italian breakfast.  It includes coffee, tea, homemade seasonal jam, bread, milk, biscuits.  Fruit and vegetables from the farm are often included in the breakfast and farm fresh goat milk is sometimes available upon request.

Lunch € 12,00

Pasta, salad, omelette or beans.


Vegetarian – € 16
Non-vegetarian – € 18

Dinner on our farm is a special time to sit together and have the opportunity to eat a traditional Italian meal full of wholesome food from a wide variety of farm products.  Dinner includes two dishes: usually a pasta dish (often the pasta is homemade by hand that day) followed by a plate that can include seasonal vegetables, fresh salad, local hand made cheese, home grown potatoes, eggs from the farm, lentils, or beans.  Non-vegetarian meal is available on request. It offers a dish with local selected meat such as steak, chicken or pork.    The meal is also  accompanied by local bread. Homemade wine is available for € 5,00 one litre, € 2,50 half a litre.  Dinner is optional and should be booked by lunchtime.

We can tailor a special dinner for you. That can include fresh truffles, a big barbecue, fresh ravioli etch. You can book it in advance. Do not hesitate to ask us questions about that.

Sandwiches – € 4,50

Sandwiches are also available throughout the day for our guests upon request.  The sandwiches are made with fresh bread and local ingredients, mostly from the farm. The sandwich can include local cheeses, fresh seasonal produce, meat, or eggs.  Classic choices include thin-sliced homemade prosciutto with savoury ricotta or a frittata (omelette) with our farm fresh eggs and handpicked vegetables.

Fresh organic fruit free for all our guests

Our guests are welcome to pick and eat from the abundance of fruit that comes from our farm.  It is an indescribable pleasure to eat fresh organic fruit directly from the trees.  On our farm, we handpick our fruit when it is perfectly ripe so that we can enjoy the full flavour of each fruit.  We have a wide variety of fruits available, especially in late spring, summer and fall. Among them are: figs, plums, peaches, cherries, egriot cherries, persimmons, apples, pears, grapes, apricots, berries and nuts. Please help yourself!

Wine – €  5,00 one litre, € 2,50 half a litre, € 1,50 a quarte of a litre

The wine on our farm is homemade from a wide variety of grapes that we grow and harvest by hand in September.  We have both red and white wine available upon request.  Guests may purchase wine to drink while they are on our farm.  Our wine does not contain added sulphites.

Our mission is to serve seasonally fresh, organic, healthy food at affordable prices for our guests to enjoy.  As the global food market has become detached from local farmers and artisans of hand-crafted food, it is important to us that people see where their food comes from, and how it is grown, cared for, harvested, and prepared.  We practice organic agriculture on our farm and we encourage guests to learn more about the benefits of the organic food process.  All of our guests are given a farm tour upon arrival and questions are happily encouraged.  If the guests wish, they can also participate in daily farm activities.  We hope this type of education will help the global food market embrace a more localized and seasonal food consciousness.